Ramu came from Nepal in the urge to see the train

DC told that Ramu was residing at Vatsalidham in Ramgarh since April 2019.

11th February, 2020

10-year-old Ramu, a resident of Nepal, was able to return to his home after two years on the initiative of the local administration. He had crossed Bihar in the urge to see the train about two years ago and entered Bihar. Deputy Commissioner Sandeep Singh gave this information in the District Collectorate Auditorium on Monday. On Monday, the representative Bhoomi Raj sent by the Nepali Raj Embassy appreciated the initiative of the district administration Ramgarh.

DC told that Ramu was residing at Vatsalidham in Ramgarh since April 2019. On this occasion, District Social Welfare Officer Nachiketa told me that Ramu is a resident of Nepal. About two years ago, he crossed the border into the urge to see the train and entered Bihar. After this, he reached Ranchi in Jharkhand by train. In Ranchi, the railway child line entrusted Ramu to the Child Welfare Committee.

The Child Welfare Committee sent Ramu to Vatsalidham in Ramgarh. A few days later, the Protection Officer Dukhran Mahato got Ramu admitted to the State Basic School, Ramgarh Cantt (class two). At Vatsalyadham, Ramu shared some information about himself. He told that he is a resident of Nepal. After this, its information was given to Ramgarh Deputy Commissioner Sandeep Singh.

Correspondence on the initiative of Deputy Commissioner, way out
After getting the information about Ramu, on 1 September 2019, correspondence was made with the Additional Chief Secretary, Home Prison, and Disaster Management Department and Government of Jharkhand and Nepal Embassy as per the order of the Deputy Commissioner. On February 3, 2020, a letter related to home verification was received from the Nepalese Raj Embassy.

Raju was handed over to the District Coordinator Bhumi Raj, Peace Rehabilitation Center on 10 February 2020. Bhumi Raj, the representative of the Nepalese Raj Embassy, ​​asked journalists to bring such cases to the fore. The Deputy Commissioner also gave gifts and best wishes to Ramu.
Been staying at Vatsalyadham in Ramgarh since 2019
Delegates sent by Nepalese embassy assigned

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Ashish Kumar