Police should do such a thing that there is fear among criminals: Murmu

The police should do such a thing that there is fear among the criminals.

11th February, 2020

Governor Draupadi Murmu said that the police need to adopt new technology and scientific research to curb crime. After the incident, the police took quick action and sent the culprits to jail without any delay. The police should do such a thing that there is fear among criminals. By giving justice to the victim on time, the public gets a better message from the police. Better coordination will be established between the police and the public by getting a better message.

With this, the police will get information about criminals and Naxalites soon. She was speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the 17th Jharkhand Police Duty Meet-2019 held at Zap Forest in Doranda on Monday. The Jharkhand Police Duty Meet, which runs till 12 February, was inaugurated by blowing a tricolor balloon and white pigeon.

The governor said that the police should increase their network. Win their trust by establishing better coordination with the public. The police administration will have to do its work honestly for the progress and peace of the state. Public expectations from the police are high.

Police should be sensitive. People's confidence in the police increases their sensitivity to society. He hoped that the police officers who won the competition here would also make the state proud by performing better in the national duty meet.

He said that terrorism and extremism are a challenge for the police. To prevent cybercrime, it is very important for policemen to have knowledge of better and scientific-based research. Earlier, the governor reached the martyr's memorial and bowed to the martyrs.

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Reported by:
Ashish Kumar