Major conspiracy of Naxalites failed in Gaya, security forces defuse powerful bomb

Security forces were reported to have found a Cane Bomb at Bengwatari in Barachatti police station area of ​​Gaya (Gaya), after which the SSB, COBRA and CRPF team conducted a search operation in the area.

12th February, 2020

The security forces in Gaya (Bihar) of Bihar have once again thwarted the Naxalite conspiracy. On the basis of secret information, the security forces have recovered and defused three five kg Cane Bomb planted by the Naxalites. According to the information, security forces had received information about the cane bomb being found at Bengwatari of Barachatti police station area, after which the team of SSB, COBRA and CRPF conducted a search operation in this area. During this time, the team recovered three cane bombs at a distance of 100 meters in the border area of ​​Bihar-Jharkhand. All three cane bombs were of five kilos each, which were quite powerful.

After the cane bomb was recovered, the SSB bomb disposal defused all the three bombs. Please tell that this area is marked as an area of ​​influence of Naxalites. Many Naxalite bombs and other weapons have also been recovered from this area before. Naxalite organizations have hidden cane bombs and other explosive material in different areas of Gaya district and especially in forested areas.

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Reported by:
Pankaj Prasad