OMG! Unique garbage clinic opened in this district of Uttar Pradesh, this is how garbage treatment

Garbage Clinic has been started in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh to treat garbage, which has been the cause of discussion these days.

12th February, 2020

Meerut Garbage Clinic has been started in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh to treat garbage. However, you may miss movies like Padman or Toilet Ek Prem Katha after hearing the words Garbage Clinic. You would love to know that such a unique clinic has opened in the city of revolution, Meerut and it remains a topic of discussion these days. Leaving the profession associated with the world of fashion designing engineering and science, three youths have started this clinic with inspiration from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

You must have seen the film Three Idiots. Does this film show how an idea can change your life? And the story of three people is shown in the film, who pledge to do something different. Whereas in Meerut one such Tigi has taken the initiative to keep the country clean by opening a garbage clinic. In this clinic, about 4 thousand kg of garbage is brought daily through garbage ambulance and then manure is made from this garbage.

This garbage clinic started in the Chaudhary Charan Singh University campus of Meerut, which is the first of its kind clinic in a university in North India, from which garbage is being treated.

Fashion designer Pragathi, Sujata and engineer Praveen Nayak, associated with the world of science, laid the foundation of the garbage clinic. Initially, when this clinic opened, people also made fun of it, but seeing this clinic, this clinic is no less than a tourist place for people. The Chaudhary Charan Singh University of Meerut and this trio who have pledged to keep the country clean, showed a miracle, while now this garbage clinic is also providing employment to the youth. In this garbage clinic, dry waste and wet waste are separated, then organic manure is made from it.

Every day, four thousand kilos of garbage released from the departments of the home and Chaudhary Charan Singh University are treated. At the University Campus, garbage is collected from two garbage ambulances and brought to the clinic for treatment and then the wet waste is converted into compost in 15 days. Whereas different types of materials including plastic, bottle, glass is collected separately and they are given to two companies for recycling.

This garbage clinic built under the National Higher Education Campaign ie RUSA has started working on the Ambikapur model. Garbage treatment has started in Garbage Clinic from January 15 this year. Let us tell you that Ambikapur is a model of cleanliness throughout the whole country.

Garbage will be turned into compost in 15 days at the clinic. There are 30 kits for this. The collected waste will have a separator for plastic, glass, bottle and other solids, which cannot be converted into manure, all of which will be sent to the National Physical Laboratory and The Energy and Resource Institute ie Terry for further processing. The university will earn from it. Most of the fertilizer that will be ready will go to the Horticulture Department of the campus and the remaining will be sold in the market.

A few years ago, Praveen Nayak quit his job as a software engineer after four people died due to falling garbage mountains in Ghazipur, Delhi. Praveen patented the concept of garbage clinics for the treatment of garbage. The wife also left the job of a fashion designer and worked at the clinic, while in the Ambikapur model, the garbage is disposed of on the same concept.

Garbage is cleaned with water before it reaches the garbage in the clinic and in the process, the amount of water wasted is made useable again. Two plants have also been set up for this. That is, the value of each drop of water is considered.

The foundation of the Swachh Bharat Mission was laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now the building is standing on this foundation. Experiments such as garbage clinics are examples of this. Chaudhary Charan Singh University VC Prof NK Taneja says that the university is socially sensitive and understands its responsibilities towards the society. Garbage clinics are the result of that.

People are now reaching to see the garbage clinic. Recently some municipal councilors also reached the garbage clinic and they also appreciated this effort. He said that I wish such a plant would have happened in his ward also. This will not only make the city clean but also people can breathe in a clean environment. With this effort, the municipal corporations and municipalities of the entire state including Meerut Municipal Corporation should learn.

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Reported by:
Maharanee Kumari