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The chief priest of the Ram temple said - 'Everything' is purified with conch, learn the religious significance of conch

Religious festivals and Mangalik functions and pooja recitations begin with Shankhanad. The sound of the conch is also considered quite pure.

20th February, 2020

The process of construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya is in the final stage. Meanwhile, some people of the city raised the question that the place where Ram temple is proposed to be built, there are old tombs on 5 acres of land. In such a situation, it would not be appropriate to build a temple there. The chief priest of Ram temple in Ayodhya says that there was no cemetery on this land. Yes, in earlier times there were tombstones of sage sages. There has always been worship and shankhanad on this land, it purifies everything.

Whatever the priest's statement, but in Hinduism, conch has special religious significance. According to mythological beliefs, the conch was originated from Samudra Manthan. This is the reason that at some places it is also mentioned like the brother of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. It is also believed that in the house where there is a conch, there is the residence of Goddess Lakshmi. This is the reason why religious festivals and Mangalik functions and Puja recitations are started with Shankhanad. The sound of the conch is also considered quite pure. Let's know the importance of conch in Hinduism ....

According to the mythological beliefs, there are three types of conch - Shankavarti Shankha, intermediate Shankh and Vamavarti Shankh. Each conch has different religious significance and meaning.

In Hinduism scriptures, southeastward conch is considered the most auspicious. According to beliefs, if you want the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, then you should install a conch shell clockwise in your house of worship. It is also believed that this conch has so many positive powers that even if no one can harm you. It is also very important from the Tantric point of view. It is believed that the house in which the conch is used clockwise, evil powers remain far away from it.

The conch shell is considered a symbol of Lord Vishnu. However, there is no practice to use this conch in pooja lessons.

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