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The mortal remains of the martyr reached the ancestral village, the public gathered to see the last darshan

Since 7 am, there was gathering of people near Suryagarh police station.

20th February, 2020

The mortal remains of martyr Subedar Ramratan Kumar arrived at Suryagarh in Lakhisarai in Bihar at 8:48 am on Thursday, and the crowd gathered for the last glimpse of the martyr. Shaheed Ramratan Kumar was serving as the Subedar in six Kumaon regiments, who died on February 17 while on duty. People from the

the area was seen waiting for the arrival of the
the dead vehicle, people were seen waiting for the dead vehicle to arrive at Suryagada and other nearby areas for the last glimpse of the martyr. Since 7 am, there was a gathering of people near the Suryagarh police station. The young man Shaheed Ramratan Kumar with the tricolor in the hands of the bike riders remained immortal… Bharat Mata ki Jai… etc. People's curiosity was increasing every second.

The area started resonating with the slogan piercing
As soon as the carriage reached Suryagada, the area started echoing with the slogan piercing slogan. People riding bikes carrying the tricolor in their hands were leading the vehicle. On both sides of the NH, people queued up and looked at the final darshan of the heroic son of Suryagarh. People gathered in Suryagadha. Everyone was distraught to get the last glimpse of Ramratan, the red martyr of Suryagarh, but due to the dead body in the coffin, people were unable to see their red.

Thousands of people joined the dead body
Due to the crowd, it took about 15 minutes for the dead body to come from Suryagarh police station to the martyr gate. People were laying garland and placing wreaths on the mortal remains of the martyr. Turning from the martyr's doorway through Salempur at about 10:11 pm, the martyr's ancestral village reached Bhawanipur where the body was kept in the open near the Kisan Bhawan at the mouth of the village for the last glimpse of the people. Half an hour later, the body was taken to the martyr's house from where the body was brought to the Kisan Bhavan for 15 minutes. The funeral procession took off from the courtyard of Kisan Bhawan in Bhawanipur village at 11:15 am in which thousands of people attended.

The martyr was cremated at Gourishankar crematorium in Katehar village after 3 pm after a 7-km walking procession. Under the leadership of Lions Subedar Arun Kumar, the soldiers of the OTA Officer Training Academy Gaya gave the final salute to the martyr. Regional MLA Prahlad Yadav, JDU District President Ramanand Mandal, JDU Panchayati Raj Cell's District President Sanjay Mahato, Munger Chamber of Commerce Suryagada unit president Ravi Shankar Prasad Singh Ashok, Secretary Alok Agarwal, Salempur East Panchayat chief Meena Devi, Prof Anjani Anand , Senior Vice President of JDU Surendra Mahato, District President of JDU Weaver Prakash, along with Kamaruddin Ansari, Hundred Calculable-valid ones exist.

People paid their last tribute after having a final visit
The special team of the army reached the ancestral village of Bhawanipur on Thursday. On the arrival of the mortal remains of Ramratan, the body was placed on the pre-prepared tribute platform in the Bhawanipur Kisan Bhavan premises. Where the army jawans came along, they saluted the body of martyr Ramratan. After this, the dignitaries from rural and nearby areas paid tribute by paying floral flowers on the mortal remains of the martyr. The body of the martyr was taken to the martyr Ramratan's house for a family visit. Then he was brought back from the house to the courtyard of the Kisan Bhavan. Where other dignitaries from the area came again and paid a final tribute by offering a flower garland on the mortal remains of Shaheed Ramratan.

In which JDU Block President Praveen Kumar, JDU Block President Panchayati Raj Cell's Deepak Patel, PACS President Pramod Yadav, Panchayat Samiti Ranju Devi. Hundreds of people paid tributes including Zila Parishad Banwari Prasad, state general secretary of RLSP to Jayaprakash Sinha, Prabhakar Singh, Anil Verma, Alok Agarwal, Janardan Prasad Mahato. However, MLA Prahlad Yadav on this occasion criticized the district administration's martyr for not coming to the village. On the other hand, RLSP state general secretary Jayaprakash Sinha said that the people here were saddened by the absence of any administration.

Martyr's wife Sangeeta was living unconsciously
Martyr's wife Sangeeta Devi was getting weary by living in the family who was paying her last respect to the mortal remains of Shaheed Ramratan. For the last four days, wife Sangeeta Devi was in a bad state. Often he was being treated while unconscious. The elder son Sumit and the younger ones were not stopping the tears on seeing the dead body of Suraj's father. The house and village were inconsolable with the whole family crying and crying along with Kesari Devi, the mother of martyr Ramratan. Father Mr. Yadav was crying, saying that if a king dies even then there will not be such a tribute, after paying tribute to hundreds of people, my son became immortal.

Army team gave martyr Ramratan the guard of honor
In the native village of Bhawanipur, Shaheed Ramratan, his body was given the honor of the Guard of Honor by the Army team of Officer Academy (OTA) Gaya. Which included Havildar Rampujan, Balkuram, Sanjay Kumar Mahato, Sepoy Ranjan Kumar Deepak Kumar, Avinash Kumar Rakesh Rai Amresh Kumar, Raja Babu, Amit Kumar, BP Singh etc. under the leadership of Nayav Subedar Arun Kumar. Written presence of representatives, social workers, journalists present in tribute by army team.

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