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Alcoholic husband killed his wife when asked to work

A shocking incident has come to light from Benipatti police station area of ​​Madhubani district of Bihar.

21st February, 2020

A shocking incident has come to light from the Benipatti police station area of ​​Madhubani district of Bihar. Here, the wife was killed when she told her husband to work. The incident has come to light late Thursday evening in Basaith Chanpura East Tola of Benipatti police station area. It is said that due to family quarrels, the drunk wife was murdered by drunken driving. The deceased Indu Devi (45) was a resident of Basaith Chanpura village. The police have arrested the murdered husband Ayodhi Rai.

'Killing' if asked to work
It is said that Ayodhi Rai was living in the house leaving his wages for six months. Indu Devi was worried about the maintenance of six family members due to financial constraints. She used to be upset with the husband of drug addicts. She was often pressuring her husband for a job. At around two o'clock on Thursday afternoon, there was an argument between the husband and wife. The dispute between the two started growing. Due to this, the angry husband drove the children out of the house, after which his wife Indu Devi was killed with a piece of brick.

Police reached the news of daughter
After killing his wife, Ayodhi Rai threw the brick into the water and stayed in the house. After some time, when the daughter went inside the house, news of the incident was received. He reported the incident to a woman living in the neighborhood. As soon as the information was received, police inspector Mahendra Kumar Singh arrived with Dalball and arrested the accused husband after taking possession of the body. Police say that on the statement of Bachhi Devi, the relative of the deceased, the accused Ayodhi Rai is arrested and the reasons for the murder are being investigated.

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