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The incident occurred outside the bank, not to spread the 10-10 notes in front of the driver; 72 lakh flown in a van

A sensational case of fraudulently blowing Rs 72 lakh has been reported by miscreants outside Bank of India in Faridabad, adjacent to Delhi.

16th March, 2020

A sensational case of fraudulently blowing Rs 72 lakh has been reported by miscreants outside Bank of India in Faridabad, adjacent to Delhi. According to the information received, NIT flew a huge amount of Rs 72 lakh by tricking the drivers of rogue vans outside Bank of India in front of Daulatram Khan Dharamshala in Faridabad. ACP Crime arrived at the scene with a heavy police force on the information of such a huge amount of disappearance, but till now nothing has been known about the miscreants.

According to the information received, the miscreants carried out this incident by spreading 10-10 notes in front of the driver and blowing Rs 72 lakh. Three miscreants are expected to be involved in this loot. It is also learned that while carrying out the incident, the other security personnel present there also got involved in the matter, which made it very easy to carry out the incident.

CCTV installed outside the bank will open the secret

The police involved in the investigation has also started to scan the CCTV footage outside the Bank of India, as it has been captured in the incident footage.

Category: Crime

Bank of India
Faridabad district
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Reported by:
Pankaj Prasad