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PM Modi's second 'Address to the Nation' on Corona : EXCLUSIVE

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the countrymen for the second time in a week, amid rising cases of Corona Virus in the country.

24th March, 2020

New Delhi: Amidst growing cases of Corona Virus in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the countrymen for the second time in a week. In his address, the Prime Minister said that in order to save India, every citizen of India is being banned from 12 o'clock tonight, when they get out of their homes. Every state of the country, every union territory, every district, every village, every town, every street, locality is now being locked down. Meanwhile, PM Modi said that every resolution of the people of India contributed with full sensitivity and full responsibility for the achievement of the Janata curfew as a nation. With one day Janata curfew, India showed that when the country is in crisis, when the crisis comes on humanity, then how do all of us together meet and fight against it.

Let us look at the big things about the name of the nation for the second time on PM Modi's corona.

1- PM Modi said that "There is no other way to avoid Corona, there is no other way. If the corona is to stop spreading, then the cycle of infection has to be broken. Some people are under the misconception that social distancing is only necessary for sick people. It is not right to think. Social distancing is for every citizen, for every family, for every member of the family. The negligence of some people, the wrong thinking of some people, will put you, your children, your parents, your family, your friends, the whole country in great trouble.

2- Tonight from 12 o'clock in the whole country, listen carefully, all over the country, tonight from 12 o'clock in the whole country, the entire lockdown is going to happen. Certainly, the country will have to bear the economic cost of this lockdown. But to save the life of every Indian, this is my biggest priority at this time, of the Government of India, of every State Government of the country, of every local body.

3- Therefore I pray to you that wherever you are in the country at this time, stay there. In view of the present situation, this lockdown will be 21 days in the country. The coming 21 days are very important for us. According to health experts, the time of at least 21 days is very important to break the corona virus infection cycle. Stay at home, stay at home and do the same thing that live in your house.

4- Friends, today's decision, nationwide lockdown has drawn a Lakshman Rekha at the door of your house. You have to remember that many times a person infected with corona seems to be healthy in the beginning, it is not known that he is infected. So take precaution, stay in your homes. We should also assume that this is the only way in front of us. We do not have to get out of the house. Whatever happens, stay at home.

5- India today is at the stage where our today's action will decide how much we can reduce the impact of this major disaster. This is the time to strengthen our resolve again and again. Friends, this is a time of patience and discipline. As long as there is a lockdown in the country, we have to keep our resolve, keep our promise. Think of those doctors, nurses, para-medical staff, pathologists, who save every single life from this epidemic, day by day. Praying for those people working in the hospital at night, who are engaged in the work of sanitizing your society, your neighborhoods, your roads, public places, so that the virus is not detected.

6- Corona In the midst of the conditions created by the global epidemic, the state governments at the Center and across the country are working fast. People are constantly trying to ensure that there is no inconvenience in everyday life.

7- Now for the treatment of the patients of Corona, the Union Government has made a provision of 15 thousand crores today to further strengthen the health infrastructure of the country. With this, the number of testing facilities related to corona, personal protective equipment, isolation beds, ICU beds, ventilators, and other necessary tools will be increased rapidly.

8- I have requested the state governments that at this time their first priority should be health services only and health care should be the priority. But friends, also keep in mind that in such times, rumors also spread unknowingly and unknowingly.

9- I urge you to avoid any kind of rumor and superstition. I request you not to take any medicine during the symptoms of this disease, without the advice of doctors. Any kind of mess can put your life in more danger.

10- I am confident that every Indian will follow the instructions of the government, local administration in this hour of crisis. The 21-day lockdown is a long time, but to protect your life, to protect your family, is equally important.

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Reported by:
Naveen Prasad