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In Pakistan, there is an outcry from Corona, Imran is saying thank God right now

VIDEO In Pakistan, the number of corona infected patients is increasing daily, but PM Imran Khan says that thanks to Allah, the number is less than the rest of the countries...

25th March, 2020

On the one hand, there has been an outcry in the whole world about the corona virus, on the other hand, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan says that the number of patients of corona virus in Pakistan is much less than other countries. Less such patients are being found here.

In a program of a private TV channel of Pakistan, PM Imran said that his country's economy is much less than that of a country like America when so many Corona infected patients are being found in America these days and till now there is no cure for this disease. There is no vaccine for Pakistan, then Pakistan has very little resources compared to them.

If we compare it accordingly, we still have a very small number of patients, thanks to Allah. His statement has also been tweeted by a Pakistani journalist in which it is written that thanks to Allah, there is less number of corona infected patients in Pakistan. It is known that the number of corona infected patients is increasing daily in Pakistan. The death toll is also increasing.

According to Pakistan website Dawn, there are 997 corona infected patients at present. The number is also written according to the locality on the site. It has 410 patients in Sindh, 16 in Islamabad, 78 in Khyber Pakhtunkha, 296 in Punjab, 115 in Bluechistan and 82 in GB. All of them are undergoing treatment, the death toll from Corona in Pakistan has reached 7. Many patients are serious here.

In this program, Imran Khan is seen comparing Pakistan with America from the stage, he says that America is a superpower, it has modern resources of medical and other things, his tax collection is many times more than the tax collection of Pakistan. They have not yet been able to find any vaccine to prevent the infection of corona virus, they are only doing research on it. And many other countries are asking for help in this matter from Pakistan. Imran seems happy while stating this.

In such a situation, if 997 patients have been found so far in Pakistan's population of 25 crores, then a lot is under control. In this program, he was asked that if a serious patient of Corona comes, then where will the government treat him, how can it be controlled. Why is there not a lockdown like other countries? When will the lockdown be done?

On these types of questions, he got angry and started answering. He said that under the circumstances these days, it cannot be stopped by stopping someone's milk bread. After that he said that if you look at the Corona figures in other countries, then you will know things on your own. Whatever is right now the situation in Pakistan has not become so bad. Thank God. We have a very small number compared to the number of patients growing in America.

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