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Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the people of his parliamentary constituency Varanasi that I wish we will fight this crisis with the blessings of mother Shailputri.

25th March, 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing his parliamentary constituency Varanasi after declaring war on the corona virus which has taken the form of a deadly epidemic all over the world. He said that mother Shailputri is worshiped on the first day of Navratri. Mother Shailputri is a form of affection, compassion and affection. She is also called the Goddess of Nature. Today, in the crisis that the country is going through, their blessings are very much needed. I wish that by his grace we will fight this crisis with his blessings.

PM Narendra Modi inspired the people of his parliamentary constituency to fight the corona virus and said that in 21 days we have to win this fight against corona. Kashi residents play an important role in this. Kashi can guide everyone in this hour of crisis. Kashi only means Shiva. In this time of crisis, the people of Kashi can teach the whole world. Shiva means welfare. In the city of Shiva, in the city of Mahakal-Mahadev, there is the ability to show the path to all, to guide everyone.

Modi said that the experience of Kashi is eternal, eternal, timeless and hence in the situation of lockdown today, Kashi can show restraint, coordination, sensitivity to the country. Kashi can teach the country cooperation, peace and tolerance. Kashi can teach cultivation, service, solution to the country.

PM Narendra Modi said that the war of Mahabharata was won in 18 days, today the whole country is fighting against Coroni, it will take 21 days. Our effort is to win it in 21 days. PM Narendra Modi said that as an MP of Kashi, I should have been among you at such a time, but you are also familiar with the activities happening here in Delhi. Despite the busyness here, I am constantly getting updates from my colleagues about Varanasi.

PM Narendra Modi while answering the questions of the people of Kashi said that sometimes people make mistakes despite knowing. In the fight with Corona, only social distancing is correct. People are also recovering from this. Many examples of this have also been found. He said that the country is engaged in a fight with Corona. He also shared the helpline's number. PM Modi said that the government has also created a helpdesk in collaboration with WhatsApp for accurate and accurate information related to Corona. If you have the facility of WhatsApp, then you will send a 'Namaste' to this number 9013151515, then you will start getting an appropriate reply.

PM Narendra Modi said that in this hour of crisis, every person seen in white clothes at this time in hospitals is the form of God. Today they are saving us from death, these people are saving our lives by putting their lives in danger. These doctors and staff are protecting us. He replied to the question of a businessman of a Kashi and said that the corona virus cannot destroy our culture nor our culture.

PM Narendra Modi said compassion is the most accurate way to respond to Corona. We can answer Corona with compassion. We can show compassion to the poor in this time of crisis. Navratri has just started. We take a pledge that if we take the responsibility of raising nine poor families for the next 21 days, then this Navratri will be successful. Apart from this, the animals around you also have to worry about them. I request people to take care of the animals around them.

PM Narendra Modi said that the corona virus can neither erase our culture nor erase our values. Therefore our sensations are further awakened in times of crisis. PM Narendra Modi said that if I say that everything is fine, everything is right, then I believe that it will be a deceitful thing itself. At this time, be it the Central Government or the State Governments, as much as possible, as best they can, they are doing their best for this. In such a situation, when there is such a big crisis in front of the country, such a big challenge before the whole world, then difficulties will not come, everything will be good, to say that it will be like cheating yourself.

PM Narendra Modi said that the problems we are facing today, the difficulty that is happening today, its age is currently only 21 days. Corona's crisis has not ended, if it does not stop spreading, then how much damage can be done, it cannot be estimated. There can be thousands of reasons for spreading despair, but life only goes on with hope and faith. The more you cooperate with law and administration as a citizen, the better the results will be. The effort of all of us should be to minimize the pressure on the administration and cooperate with the administration. Those of us working in the hospital, policemen, working in government offices, our media persons should encourage us all.

PM Narendra Modi said that the treatment of corona infection is not to be treated at its level at all, stay at home and do what has to be done with the advice of doctors. Talk to your doctor over the phone and explain your problem. You must have also seen in the news that in some countries of the world, due to taking medicines on their own, life is in crisis. We all have to avoid every kind of superstition, rumor.

PM Narendra Modi said that all of you must have seen how mankind has come together to win from this crisis. Our child army is playing the biggest role in this. Children between four and five years are making their family aware. Many families have shared such videos on social media. The PM said that thousands of enlightened citizens from all over the country have appealed to implement locklown strictly to deal with this epidemic. When our countrymen have this strong will power, I am sure that the country will definitely defeat this epidemic.

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