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Coronavirus Alert: WHO Important Information for Women and Children Drinking Mother's Milk

The Coronavirus Alert WHO has released the necessary information for newborns and infants who drink breast milk, including pregnant women or recently given births.

25th March, 2020

Coronavirus News: The corona virus or Covid-19 (Covid-19), which has taken the form of a global pandemic, remains a major challenge for the whole world. According to the WHO, the corona virus has knocked in 195 countries of the world, including India. Necessary guidelines are being issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) to combat the corona virus. The WHO has now released the necessary information for newborns and infants who breastfeed, including pregnant women or women who are recently giving birth, in view of the risk of corona virus. This suggestion of eight points issued at the beginning of question and answer by WHO is very important.

1. Why are pregnant women at greater risk of corona virus?

WHO: A lot of research is currently going on in all the countries of the world regarding Covid-19 (Corona virus). There is also a lot of research going on about the risk of pregnant women from this virus. Currently, the data is very limited, but there is no such evidence available on the basis of which it can be said that pregnant women are more at risk from corona virus. They are also at the same risk from this virus as any ordinary human being.

Although during pregnancy, there is considerable change in the body and immune system of women, there is a very high risk of lung infection (Respiratory Infections) in them. In view of this, pregnant women are advised to take more precautions to protect against corona virus. If they notice any symptoms of corona virus infection such as fever, colds, or problems with breathing, they should take it seriously and seek medical advice immediately.

2. How do pregnant women protect themselves from the Kovid-19 virus?

WHO: Pregnant women also have to take the same precautions that are necessary for another person. Pregnant women should adopt the following measures to avoid infection with Kovid-19:

A. Wash your hands continuously with alcoholic soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

B. Keep a distance of more than two meters from the others. Avoid visiting crowded areas.

C. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Do not touch at all without washing hands.

D. Keep the respiratory system healthy. This means take special care of cleanliness. Whenever cough or sneeze occur, cover the mouth and nose by turning the elbow. Tissue paper can also be used in its place. Dispose of tissue paper immediately after use once safely.

E. Seek medical help immediately if you have fever, colds, or difficulty in breathing. Before going to the hospital, talk to the hospital on the phone and follow the precautions given by them.

F. Pregnant women or those who have recently given birth to a child, if they are also infected with the corona virus, then continue their routine treatment.

3. Should pregnant women undergo a test of Kovid-19?

WHO: The Protocols and Eligibility of Corona Virus depends on where you live. The WHO suggests that if pregnant women show signs of corona virus, they should be given priority tests. If confirmed Kovid-19 infection in pregnant women will require specialist treatment.

4. Can the corona virus reach a pregnant woman from her unborn or recently born child?

WHO: At present, there is no news that the virus has been transmitted from a pregnant woman infected with Kovid-19 to a fetus in her womb or to a newly born baby. At present, this virus is not found in the liquid or breastmilk in the womb of a pregnant woman.

5. What kind of facilities should be available during pregnancy or childbirth?

WHO: All pregnant women, whether infected or suspected to be Kovid-19, should receive high-quality medical care immediately before delivery, during delivery, and shortly thereafter. This includes antenatal, postnatal (intrapartum), postnatal (postnatal) and mental health care. For a safe and positive delivery experience in such an environment, include the following:

A. Have your treatment respectfully and with great care.

B. During delivery, one of the close ones should be present with you as per your wish.

C. Have a clear dialogue with Maternity Staff.

D. Proper pain relief strategies should be adopted for pain relief during delivery.

If Kovid-19 is confirmed or suspected, health workers should also take all necessary measures to prevent the spread of infection. This includes hand cleaning and all types of protective clothing such as globs, gowns and medical masks.

6. Should Kovid-19 suspected or infected women be delivered through operation?

WHO: Of course not. The delivery from the operation should be done only when it is medically needed. The delivery conditions vary from woman to woman. How the delivery is depends on the woman's desire, medical conditions and different delivery conditions.

7. Can a mother infected with Kovid-19 feed her baby?

WHO: Yes, a mother infected with Kovid-19 can also breastfeed her baby if she so desires. For this they have to take some precautions:

A. Respiratory Hygiene must be taken care of before feeding the baby. Do wear a mask

B. Wash hands with soap and water before and after touching the child.

C. Regularly clean and anti-infection the place or material where you have touched.

8. What should the corona infected woman do if she does not want to feed her baby directly?

WHO: If the mother's health is so bad due to infection that she cannot feed her baby directly, then there are many options. For this, you can use any possible and safe method, which is acceptable to you. This includes expressing milk, withdrawing and re-feeding the baby until it is healthy, and feeding another woman (Donor Human Milk).

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