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When the world was getting imprisoned in homes, this research scholar left for Lucknow, 1500 KM away on one phone, know why?

Ramakrishna, living in a remote village in Khammam district of Telangana, rang the phone when he was working in the field with his parents. It was a little surprising to see the phone, why suddenly his guide's call came after 6 months?

9th April, 2020

While the entire country was being imprisoned in homes to escape from Corona (COVID-19), a human being had to travel 1500 km. Unlike many people, he left his permanent home and left home. In any case, he had to reach Lucknow from Hyderabad at the earliest. Actually, he had to reach the laboratory of King George Medical University (KGMU) in Lucknow, where he could cooperate in the investigation of Corona. This story is of Ramakrishna, a microbiologist from Telangana. Ramakrishna, living in a remote village in Khammam district of Telangana, rang the phone when he was working in the field with his parents. It was a little surprising to see the phone, why suddenly his guide's call came after 6 months? A voice rang from the other side on the phone that Ramakrishna could you come to Lucknow? Need you here Ramakrishna fell into thinking. They were given 1 hour to think. Actually, he was called by Dr. Amita Jain, the head of the microbiologist department of KGMU to call Lucknow. Ramakrishna, who was Dr. Jain's research scholar, had played an important role in such investigations. During his research, he played an important role in the investigation of diseases like Zika virus, Swine flu, Japanese Encephalitis. Now he was needed in the investigation of Corona. Ramakrishna turned and called Lucknow and told that he was coming. Ramakrishna told his parents to go to Lucknow. Hearing this, lightning fell on him. Both refused. Now the matter got stuck. Ramakrishna finally lied that he would go to Hyderabad with a friend, where he would complete his thesis because this work is not being done properly in the village. Please tell that Ramakrishna is doing PhD on TB and went to the village to complete his thesis for him. The house got approved on this matter and they left. After this, the journey of 1500 km of Ramakrishna started. He reached Hyderabad by bus directly from Khammam. Meanwhile, he asked a friend to ticket a flight from Hyderabad to Lucknow. He reached Hyderabad on Sunday morning of 22 March but there was a public curfew on that day. So, he stayed in his friend's room all day. Got out of the room at half past two to catch a flight because there was a flight at 4:30 in the morning. They had come on the road to go to the airport when suddenly a police patrolling van arrived. After this, the police police came with them to the police station of Masab Tank. They started being questioned what they were doing on the road with bags in the middle of the night. The police were convinced after they told the whole thing, then they were released. His Ramakrishna reached the airport by holding an auto he found difficult and then took a direct flight to Lucknow. The next day he joined KGMU's corona investigation laboratory. Since then, Ramakrishna now conducts hundreds of sample tests every day. Ramakrishna is doing research on TB. In 2014, he came to KGMU. His project was completed 6 months ago and now he had to submit the thesis, so he went to the village. He was completing his thesis day and night, but now leaving him incomplete, he has started investigating Corona. Dharmakoota stands in front of Ramakrishna when his mother's phone calls. She says talk to your friend, who has stayed here. They make a conference call and talk to their friend from Hyderabad. Ramakrishna told that his parents are from rural environment and they do not know what a conference call is? Ramakrishna told that he does not know how much salary he will get and what post he will get. Yes, his head has definitely told that in this era of emergency some posts have been removed and some funds have also been arranged. Dr. Amita Jain, head of the Department of Microbiology of KGMU, said that their arrival before the lock down in the country is going to give a lot of relief. At a time when people run away. He himself has presented a great example by pouring himself into this work. He also told that Ramakrishna is very hardworking and capable and his arrival has brought great relief. When asked about salary, Dr. Jain said that the university administration will do something for them.

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Amit Kumar Jha