5 WWE stars who can replace Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch announced her pregnancy and relinquished the RAW Women’s title.

13th May, 2020

On WWE Monday Night RAW, ‘The Man’, Becky Lynch announced her pregnancy and relinquished the RAW Women’s title. She then shocked Asuka by revealing that the MITB ladder match was actually for the RAW Women’s Championship.

When Stephanie McMahon called for a Women’s revolution back in 2015, Becky Lynch was one of the leading Divas to bring about the change. Women’s division has come a long way from then, but with Becky gone, who will be the face of the division?

Read on to find about the possible candidates who can be the next face of the WWE Women’s division.


Asuka injury update | Wrestling News

Asuka made waves through WWE at her stint in NXT. She was the NXT women’s champion for 510 days, being the longest in history. Apart from that, she holds the record of having the longest unbeaten streak in WWE history at 914 days.

She is a former SmackDown Women’s champion, tag team champion, and now that Becky Lynch has given her title a day after her Money in the Bank win, Asuka looks set to be the champ once again.

Asuka has all the skills and talent required to be the next face of the Women’s division. With a title reign coming, she’ll not be void of opportunities as well.

Charlotte Flair


Charlotte has already established herself well in the WWE. Initially, everyone believed she was getting opportunities as she was the daughter of Rick Flair, but that was not the case. Charlotte proved time and time again why she deserved the hype.

Flair is an 11-time Women’s champion, Royal Rumble winner, and being one among the only three women ever to headline WWE WrestleMania. Flair ticks all the right boxes when it comes to being a top WWE superstar.

She has a great chance at the moment to be the next big thing once again in the Women’s division. As the current NXT champion, it could only be a little time before Charlotte Flair cements her place.

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks | スポーツ

Sasha is currently part of the SmackDown roster and is a six-time championship holder. She was part of the first women’s iron match in WWE, a match that lasted for a length of 30 minutes. Banks also headlined the first Women’s leading event in a PPV when she faced Charlotte Flair in Hell in the Cell.

Could Banks be the next face of the WWE? Only time will tell.

Shayna Baszler

Word On WWE Seeing Money In Shayna Baszler

Shayna Baszler performs under RAW and could be the next big superstar of WWE. She is a great heel in the WWE and has a very compelling persona. She has what it takes to pull off great promos and can sync well with the fans.

As an ex-UFC professional, Shayna has the looks and move set that could astonish anyone. Although she did not win the MITB match, she is undoubtedly up for great success shortly.

Kairi Sane

Kairi Sane Hot Compilation - YouTube

Kairi gained stardom from Japan and soon made a move to the WWE. She was the best in the NXT for a while till she was called up to RAW. She performs in the mid-card and has not been given enough opportunities to prove herself.

Kairi Sane is yet to win an individual championship, and the only accolade to her WWE career so far is the tag time title with Asuka as the Kabuki Warriors. If the writers were to push Kairi Sane to the title picture, she would surely shine.

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