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Positive India: Millions of children will be educated from IIT Kanpur's 'Mobile Masterji' between Corona

Due to Corona, new digital means of teaching children are continuously developing across the country. While each medium has its own merits, there are also some flaws.

4th July, 2020

Due to Corona, new digital means of teaching children are continuously developing across the country. While each medium has its own merits, there are also some flaws. In view of these, IIT Kanpur has developed Mobile Masterji. This will make children's education easier and easier. Children will be able to use it through smartphone. It is called Prof. of IIT Kanpur Janakarajan Ramkumar, Dr. Amandeep Singh, Anil Jha, Virendra Singh and Jitendra Sharma have formed together.

Researchers at IIT Kanpur say that Kovid-19 has brought stagnation in the education system, especially classroom teaching. Students in rural India are getting the most affected by it. The Imaginary Laboratory, IIT Kanpur has developed a setup in view of this. In this, lecture and instruction can be recorded by teachers using a smartphone. It has been named 'Mobile Masterji'.

The specialty of Mobile Masterji is that it can capture video in horizontal (table) and vertical (blackboard) positions. Scientists at IIT Kanpur said that this product is light and compact. The advantage of this is that it has the appropriate adjustment mechanism to fit the sheet / book to instruct the children. This gadget is suitable for home environments. This "Mobile Masterji" connects teachers with their students. This benefits during live lectures when they are able to connect directly with children. With this, the gestures of children can also be seen and read directly. They can understand the topic or are able to focus, it can also be tested.

IIT Kanpur professor Dr. Amandeep Singh says that Corona has seriously affected children's education. Lectures can be delivered to children by recording through the Mobile Master Ji designed to make school education accessible to children. A-four sheet can be fixed in it. The advantage of this is that the mobile can be set to any position. The length of its arm can be made larger or smaller. We hope that this cheap and portable device will be of great use for children.

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