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Exclusive: We stand with the government due to the ban on import of foreign tires - Maxxis Tires

Tire manufacturing companies not only supply tires to the auto industry but also have a large share in the tire replacement market.

10th July, 2020

While the Coronavirus epidemic is seeing a significant impact on the auto industry, it is also important for us to know how much the tire industry has been affected. Tire manufacturing companies not only supply tires to the auto industry, but also have a large share in the tire replacement market. For this reason, we also had a special conversation with Bing-Lin Wu (Bing) , the marketing head of tire manufacturing company Maxxis India , in a very short time and the impact and future of Covid-19 on the tire industry. Questions have also been raised about the plans of So let's get to know this conversation in detail.

Q: How has the tire manufacturer Maxxis been affected during the lockdown period during Covid-19?

Answer: The world is currently facing the biggest crisis of epidemic like Covid-19. The epidemic has created a challenging situation, particularly on OEMs' parts, in which you can say that manufactured parts are the main industry for tire manufacturing. I am confident that we are operating as per the guidelines of Covid at the Sanand plant in Gujarat on 4 May 2020 and it saw growth following the announcement by the Union, Ministry of Home Affairs and Government of Gujarat, when operations commenced. We hope that the situation will soon recover and the industry will move at a steady pace, as well as open up new avenues for the auto industry at large.

Q: What kind of business plans can we see from Maxxis, due to which you will develop to help the industry in the coming future?

answer-At Maxxis, we started manufacturing in India in March 2018 and our journey has been over two years. We are proud to say that we are one of the fastest growing tire companies, not only in the world, but also in India. We have launch term and short term plans to increase the market share of 50 percent in India's tire industry. We are working on making this possible due to our Gujarat factory. Six acres of land is running at half the capacity for this mid-term plan. As we have prepared our business plan, it is mostly the same during our Covid as we had planned before Covid-19 and is expected to remain the same after Covid. We are happy to see our interactions with OEMs partners for new business ventures for our new business projects. And, This conversation will go on. These projects will definitely help us in reshaping our business plans.

Question: Subsidiary brands and a lot of automotive component brands have been affected by Covid 19, especially when it comes to product planning. Maxxis will also have a product lineup for the year 2020, so is everything happening to you on time?

Answer - We will not call it completely influenced. It has slowed down a bit for the last two and a half months. There is a stir in the market. This was an external factor. Therefore, we believe that a restart of the market is going to happen very soon. Products continue to develop and launch on both the OEM front and the replacement front. We are in talks with several major OEM brands in India, existing partners in many projects and future partnerships. We are happy to see that after several months most of our partners have commenced operations and the once stalled project has resumed. There is a slight stagnation in the replacement market, but I do not think it will be a major disruption for the entire business. For a replacement market Maxxis is happy to announce that they are going to launch a series of new lineups by the end of this year.

Q: What are the steps Maxxis is taking to protect its employees and customers? How do you communicate with your partners and customers?

Answer- Maxxis is a global company with a group guidelines. The Government of India had announced a specific metro city before coming in mid-March. But we pay very important attention to the safety of our employees and employees and their safety is the first for us. At Maxxis, we started taking tough steps in the month of February itself. Safety, physical security and all major health related arrangements were started to be available to the employees. So all these measures are there and even now the contact has become much stricter than before, while specific measures have also been announced by the Government of India. All these precautionary measures are being adopted. For example, in the factory floor plan, the government protocol of social distancing people, mandatory wearing of masks, limited workforce, only necessary workforce is allowed. Twice every day,

Question: Would you like to give any suggestion to the government that how can we get out of this economic and humanitarian crisis?

Answer - The least time of this year is in the shape of a virus. However, the government is aware that this is not the end of the world and such an epidemic has brought a very strong signal to the government and industry on which we should work together with the local people. This, I believe, is a very well-known initiative 'Make in India' by the government so far . Now we are talking about self-sufficient India. It is an extension of that feeling. In 2016-17, Maxxis started the Make in India initiative as a follower and our focus was not just on Made in India, we are making Make in India for the world. Therefore, exports are also one of the very important cornerstones for Maxxis's business.

India has a strategic location to supply Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Apart from this, Sri Lanka is also among the countries around India. Therefore, if we have a position to actively supply in some countries Sri Lanka, Nepal and Kenya, we will. At the moment we supply a little bit. However, we are planning to expand it keeping the future in mind and we always say that the intention to create India for the world is a dynamic change in India recently. Talking about tire industries, the government has recently announced a ban on import tires from abroad. In such a situation, Maxxis stands with this decision of the government and it will not affect the local manufacturers anymore because India is one of the countries which has a strong tire industry. I would like to encourage the government to pay attention to the niche market, especially two-wheeler.

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