News247plus is an Indian news and media company started in 2017 with it's main office in Kolkata. The organization aims at providing realtime unbiased and unaltered news and be one of the strongest stone of the fourth pillar of democracy. The company also concentrates on the important news that are sometimes missed out or overlooked due to various reasons. We tend to be free from any political, administrative or simialar influence and work with utmost sincearity. The team comprises of members from various state and study background but one thing that remains common among all of them is that all of the team members are computer programmers and web developers.

Our Mission: To make the image of journalism more cleaner and bring information to the people fast and free.

Our Vision: To be among the most reputed news organization in India by 2025

Oath: We take an oath to be free from any influence and pressure and keep the news original and unbiased.

Rachna Kumari - reporter at news247plus

Rachna Kumari
Content Creativity
Maharanee Kumari - reporter at news247plus

Maharanee Kumari
Marketing and Analytics
S Choudhury - reporter at news247plus

S Choudhury
Research and Implementation
Naveen Prasad - reporter at news247plus

Naveen Prasad
Strategic Advisor

The organization started as a bootstrapping experiment in 2007 and was funded by Amit Kumar Jha who was also the only Founder at that moment. Later in 2019, The team expaned and few more members were added as the co-founder.

With the help of new co-founders and few more reporters, the organization was re-created with advanced features and started gaining more popularity

The organization is still funded by the the original founder Mr. Amit Kumar Jha and does not accept any form of external investment or donation.

Currently the source if income is advertising only and the team prefers to keep it that way.