Bhojpuri Actor Pawan Singh’s Political Entry Ignites Karakat Constituency

Maharanee Kumari
Bhojpuri Actor Pawan Singh Political Entry Ignites Karakat Constituency
Bhojpuri Actor Pawan Singh Political Entry Ignites Karakat Constituency

The article discusses the political dynamics in the Karakat Lok Sabha constituency of Bihar following Bhojpuri actor Pawan Singh’s decision to contest elections from the region.

The announcement of Bhojpuri actor Pawan Singh's entry into the political arena, contesting elections from Karakat, has stirred up the political landscape in the region. Suddenly, Karakat constituency in Bihar has gained prominence as Upendra Kushwaha of the NDA and Raja Ram Singh of the INDIA alliance are also contesting from there. Pawan Singh's participation has injected a new level of excitement into the political scenario, drawing attention from across the state.

Notably, BJP MP Manoj Tiwari, who shares a close bond with Pawan Singh, expressed his intention to persuade him. Tiwari emphasized Singh's nationalist credentials, expressing confidence in his ability to steer him back on course. He views Singh's current divergence from the mainstream as a temporary deviation, believing he will soon realign himself with the party's objectives.

Pawan Singh officially embarked on his electoral journey on April 23, making visits to all assembly constituencies within Karakat. His presence has significantly intensified the political discourse in the region, prompting responses from senior leaders of both camps. In a media interaction in Patna, MP Manoj Tiwari reiterated his commitment to reaching out to Singh, citing their longstanding bond and shared values.

Singh, acknowledging Tiwari's statement, referred to him as an elder brother, expressing gratitude for his industry support. However, he clarified that they had not been in touch for a considerable period. Singh reaffirmed his commitment to contesting from Karakat, citing a promise made to his mother. For him, honoring his mother's wishes takes precedence over all other considerations, demonstrating his unwavering resolve.

Meanwhile, the Karakat Lok Sabha seat witnesses formidable contenders, including Upendra Kushwaha and Rajaram Singh, each backed by significant political factions. Amidst this heavyweight competition, Pawan Singh's entry, renowned as the Power Star of Bhojpuri cinema, has added a dynamic element to the electoral landscape.

On another note, the very first day of Singh's campaign saw controversy, with the Rohtas district administration registering multiple cases of code of conduct violations. Allegations include exceeding the permissible number of vehicles during a roadshow and improper vehicle registration. Bikramganj SDPO Kumar Sanjay confirmed the filing of cases against the Bhojpuri actor, citing violations in various locations within his jurisdiction.