Alert regarding Friday prayers in Lucknow, mounded mosque turned into cantonment

Pankaj Prasad
UP on alert of Friday prayers
UP on alert of Friday prayers

165 Company PAC and 10 Company Para Military have been deployed in the capital Lucknow.

In protest against the statement given by former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma against Prophet Mohammad, a lot of protests were seen in different cities of the country and the state for the last two days. In such a situation, the police administration is on alert mode regarding Friday prayers in Lucknow and other cities of the state.

Police keep a close eye on every corner in Lucknow

165 company PAC and 10 company para military have been deployed in the state capital Lucknow for the Friday prayers. Instructions have been given to set up sector schemes in the districts. Police officers have been instructed to stay in the field. Also, heavy police force has been deployed on the mound mosque.

Alert in Noida before the namaz of Friday

A day before the Friday prayers in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, the police did foot patrolling. Noida Police Commissioner Alok Singh said that nefoot patrolling is an integral part of policing, which is done daily in different areas. This keeps communication with people. He said that in view of the seriousness of Friday, necessary guidelines have been issued.