Now management and leadership lessons will be taught in Hindi in IIM Indore, admission starts for the first batch

Pankaj Prasad
Indian Institute of Management Indore
Indian Institute of Management Indore

The faculty of IIM Indore is now going to teach management and leadership courses in Hindi language.

Indian Institute of Management Indore (IIM Indore): The faculty of IIM Indore is now going to teach management and leadership courses in Hindi language. The institute has started with its first Hindi language leadership development course, which will be taught in Hindi. This endeavor is an important step towards providing management education to all, which will break down traditional language barriers and open doors to quality education for all. Admission for the first batch of this course has started. This program will start in January 2024.

Effort to make education accessible

The announcement of the beginning of this course was made by the Director of the Institute, Prof. Himanshu Rai did it for the first time on October 03, 2023 during the foundation day of the institute. Terming skill shortage as a major challenge, he said, IIM Indore wants to bring about a change by making education accessible to all. Our first Hindi-language course aims to break down stereotypes and foster a more inclusive learning environment. The decision to launch management and leadership development programs in Hindi has been taken recognizing the language barriers that hinder access to quality education. The initiative aims to meet the needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds, address linguistic barriers, and promote a more inclusive and holistic approach to professional development.

Language should never become a barrier to education

Pro. Rai said, language should never become a barrier in education. With this new Hindi language curriculum, we are not only breaking stereotypes in management education but also ensuring that the knowledge and skills reach every corner of our country. We believe that true progress lies in creating opportunities for all, and our Hindi-language program is based on this.

This topic covered

The 10-day program, starting in January 2024, is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of various business functions. This includes leadership, management practices, marketing, financial accounting, human resource management, operations management, digital applications for business, Product Strategy (Product Management), Supply Chain and Logistics (Supply and Chain Management), Crisis Management (Crisis Management), Negotiation, Business Model (Business Model), Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship), Design Thinking, Stakeholder Management Stakeholder Management, Analytics for Managers, Strategy Formulation and Execution, and Communication Skills will be discussed.