PM Narendra Modi in Aligarh- PM Modi said – A great example of double profit of UP double engine government

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Pankaj Prasad 14/09/2021 16:29 IST
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In Aligarh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of Raja Mahendra Singh State University by pressing the button.

Along with Aligarh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave two big gifts to the state and the country.Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday reviewed the progress of work on the Aligarh node of the Uttar Pradesh Defense Corridor, besides laying the foundation stone of Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh State University in a two-hour program in Aligarh.In his 40-minute address, the Prime Minister inspired the youth and also filled them with enthusiasm.The Prime Minister reached Aligarh by helicopter after landing from the special plane at Agra Airport.

During this, the Prime Minister also addressed the people present there.He paid tribute to former Chief Minister Kalyan Singh and felt his lack a lot.Apart from introducing the youth to Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh, PM Modi also highlighted the importance of Aligarh.Along with praising the work of CM Yogi Adityanath, he said that after creating an environment of investment in Uttar Pradesh, a large number of investors started coming.So that the pride of the country will increase.He said that the Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh has done the work of giving a new identity to the locks and hardware under ODOP.Industries and SMSEs will benefit from this, an investment of Rs 900 crore will be made in the next few years.The UP Defense Corridor is bringing huge investment and huge employment opportunities, this happens when the necessary environment for investment is created.

21st century India is correcting the mistakes of the 20th century

The Prime Minister said that today is a big day for Aligarh and Western UP.Today is Radhastami.We have our sanskars, when auspicious work is done, we remember our elders.Prime Minister Modi said that today I am feeling very much the absence of the great son of this earth, Late Kalyan Singh ji.If Kalyan Singh ji was with us today, Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh would have been very happy to see the new identity of Aligarh being created in the State University and Defense Sector.Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh did not fight only for the independence of India.He had also actively contributed to the foundation of India's future.He used the experiences he got from his country and abroad trips to modernize India's education system.Raja Mahendra Pratap built the modern technical college in Vrindavan by donating his ancestral property.The land for Aligarh Muslim University was also given by Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh.Today, the creation of a university in the name of the immortal son of Mother Bharati is a true task for him.The indomitable will to us from the life of Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh ji,One gets to learn the vitality that goes through anything to make your dreams come true.He wanted the independence of India and he devoted every moment of his life to this.Many generations of the country were deprived of knowing their stories.

PM Modi said that today the 21st century India is rectifying those mistakes of the 20th century.Many great personalities expended their everything in the freedom movement of the country.It has been the misfortune of the country that after independence such national heroes and heroines were not introduced to the next generations.He said that it should be Maharaja Suhail Dev or Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh.Honest efforts are being made in the country to introduce today's generation to them.Today the country is celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence.Such efforts have been given further impetus.Friends, every youth of the country who is having big dreams, he must read and know about the king.The vitality of the king to do anything teaches us.The Prime Minister said that congratulations to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and his team for making such an idea a reality.This university will not only become a major center of modern education, along with it will also become a center for education related to defense and manufacturing technology and manpower related to defense manufacturing in the country.Students studying in this university will get a lot of benefits.

If any goal seems difficult, if you see some difficulties, then definitely remember Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh.

PM Modi said that I will tell the youth that whenever they find any goal difficult, if they see some difficulties, then definitely remember Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh.The way the king worked for the independence of India with one goal, it still inspires us all.Today I am laying the foundation stone of a university being built in the name of Raja Mahendra's my pleasure.Friends, Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh not only fought for the independence of India, he also contributed actively in the foundation of India's development.He built a modern technical college in Vrindavan with his own resources.Gave big land to AMU.Today, the 21st century India has moved towards a new era of education and skills, then a university is being built in the name of such an immortal son of Mother Bharati. Today when I am talking to you,So I am reminded of another fighter, the son of Gujarat, Shyam ji.During the First World War, Raja Shyam ji and Lala went to Europe to meet Hardayal.We got to see the result of this in the form of India's first elected government in Afghanistan.When I was a CM of Gujarat, I was successful in bringing Shyam ji's ashes to India.Her ashes inspire us to live for Maa Bharati.

Till yesterday, Aligarh used to protect homes and shops, now it is ready to protect the country.

He said that till now people used to rely on Aligarh for the security of their house and their shop.Because if Aligarh was locked, people would have been rest assured.It was 55-60 years old, we were kids.So there was the lock salesman from Aligarh, he used to come to our village every three months.He used to keep the lock, take the payment after three months.He used to stay in our village for four-six days.The money which he used to bring, he used to keep it with my father.He used to leave the village, he used to take it from his father.We used to listen to the cities of Sitapur and Aligarh.What used to protect the Aligarh shops till yesterday, will now serve to protect the country's borders in the 21st century.Such weapons will be made here.The Prime Minister said that today not only the country, but the world is also seeing that from rifles to fighter aircraft,The campaign to make all this warship in India is going on.India is moving out of the image of the world's largest defense importer and moving ahead with the resolve of an exporter to the world.For this, I am proud as the MP of Uttar Pradesh.Dozens of companies are now manufacturing weapons in the Aligarh node of the Defense Corridor.Small arms drones etc. will be made here.New industries are being set up.This will give a new identity to Aligarh and the surrounding area.

Uttar Pradesh is a very attractive place for every big and small investor.

PM Modi said that today Uttar Pradesh is becoming a very attractive place for every small and big investor of the country and the world.This happens when the necessary environment for investment is created and the necessary facilities are available.Today Uttar Pradesh is becoming a great example of double engine government's double profit.

Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas in Uttar Pradesh

PM Modi said that in Uttar Pradesh, CM Yogi Adityanath and his team are preparing the state for a new role by taking the mantra of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas and Sabka Vishwas.He said that now adequate opportunities are being given to those who have been kept away from it till now.They are being given opportunities in education and government jobs.I am happy to see Uttar Pradesh which was seen as a stumbling block in the development of the country.Today UP is leading the development of the country.Before 2017, every scheme of the poor used to be blocked here.Dozens of letters were written to the center to implement one plan each.The people of Uttar Pradesh cannot forget what kind of scams used to happen here earlier.How the government was handed over to the corrupt.Today Yogi Adityanath government is engaged in development with full sincerity.There was a time when the administration here was run by goons and mafia arbitrarily.

Now the extortionists who run the mafia raj are behind bars.There is also hearing of the poor in the government, there is also respect for the poor.Under the leadership of Yogi Adityanath, a free vaccine campaign for all is also going on in UP.So far eight crore vaccines have been administered in UP.It is also the name of UP to have the maximum number of vaccines in a day.Free food grains are being given to the poor to ensure that no one goes hungry in Corona.India is doing the work which the big countries of the world could not do.Our UP is doing it.

Also appreciated the contribution of Chaudhary Charan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Chaudhary Charan Singh himself has shown the path of change in the field of agriculture decades ago.We all know how much farmers have benefited from the path shown by Chaudhary Sahib.Chaudhary Saheb was concerned about this area, the small farmer has less than two hectares of land.The number of small farmers in our country is more than 80 percent.There are eight farmers out of ten farmers who have a small piece of land.It is the continuous effort of the government that all small farmers should be developed.Many decisions are empowering the small farmers of the country, at the time of Corona, the government has directly transferred money to the accounts of the farmers.I am glad thatin the last four years, new records have been made on MSP in Uttar Pradesh.The hassle of paying for sugarcane is also being reduced.More than one lakh forty crores has been paid.Now the coming year is going to open new possibilities to the farmers of UP.Sugarcane ethanol is produced, it is being increased.

He said that we should all be successful with the inspiration of national heroes like Raja Mahendra Pratap.I had the privilege of seeing all of you.I wish you the best for this.PM Modi's address ended with the slogan Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh, Amar Rahe-Amar Rahein.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of Raja Mahendra Singh State University

Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of Maharaja Mahendra Pratap Singh University by pressing the button in Aligarh.During this, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Governor Anandiben Patel were also present.A film made on the university was shown.

In the film, along with a brief history of King Mahendra Pratap, the quality of education has also been told.University defense-related studies will also be conducted.

PM welcome in Aligarh, CM Yogi Adityanath said - PM Modi's work is an example in the whole world

PM Narendra Modi, who reached Aligarh to give a unique gift to Uttar Pradesh, was welcomed by CM Yogi Adityanath on the stage by giving him a corset and a memento.PM Modi also greeted everyone on this occasion.

CM Yogi Adityanath started his address to welcome PM Modi with the cheers of Vrindavan Bihari Lal.He said that I express my gratitude to the large number of people who came here.Today is Radha Ashtami.This is a special festival of Braj.Today, the biggest leader of the country, PM Modi has come to the Braj region to give blessings.We all express our gratitude to them.CM Yogi Adityanath said that when the whole world is troubled by Corona.At this time, the work of keeping the country smooth and other work is being done.

To protect against corona, two indigenous vaccines were given to 75 crore people.PM Modi's work in Corona has become an example in the whole world.The CM said that the BJP government was formed in 2017 under the guidance of the PM.In the PM's first investors' summit of the state.Started today is the result of that.We are so ahead.Crores have been invested.People will get jobs.At that time PM Modi had given the gift of Defense Corridor.Now the PM himself has come here for its work.A lot of work was also done in One District One Product.

CM Yogi Adityanath said that in February 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself inaugurated the first Investor Summit of Uttar Pradesh in Lucknow.Today its result is that more than three lakh crore rupees have been invested in Uttar Pradesh.One crore 61 lakh youth of Uttar Pradesh have got employment and jobs in their own village, in their own district.Today is also Radha Ashtami and today is of great importance for the Braj region.It is our privilege that the Prime Minister himself is present among us today at this holy land of Aligarh to provide his guidance and blessings and to fulfill the much-awaited demands here.

The CM said that no one in western UP remembers King Mahendra Pratap, who guided the country in independence.Now the King Mahendra Pratap University is getting a gift in the honor of the king. On the occasion of Radha Ashtami, the Defense Corridor and the university are icing on the cake.A university is also proposed in Saharanpur.Indian players have done better in the Olympics as well, now a sports university is being built in Meerut.It will be named after Major Dhyan Chand.A university is also coming up in Prayagraj.A neweducation policy is being implemented.The mantra given by PM Modi in 2013 is that the government is moving forward with Sabka Saath and Sabka Vikas.Before 2017 the sugarcane farmers were not even paid.After 2017 this has been paid more.Work is being done to double the income of farmers by 2022.Sugar mills continued to run continuously even during the Corona period.

Deputy CM Dr. Dinesh Sharma said – Today is a day of pride

Earlier, Deputy CM Dr. Dinesh Sharma said that today is a proud day, PM has come to give a big project in the field of education.Today is a special day for the entire western UP.The Deputy CM said that there is no copying in the state, but the lives of the students have been saved with wisdom.UP government is conducting copy-less exams.The curriculum has been changed.Employment test courses included.

Now a new university is being built in the state.Working on ten.Deputy CM said that today is Hindi Diwas.New courses in the Hindi sector were added.Changes have also taken place in the field of culture.Quality education and copy-free examinations have always been our priority.The Deputy CM said that this is the land of Kalyan Singh.There is a big project in the name of Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh.The defensecorridor will also lead to development.Youth will get employment along with education.

Overview of the State University Model

Prime Minister Narendra Modi first visited the model of Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh State University on his arrival in Aligarh.He was accompanied by Governor Anandiben Patel, CM Yogi Adityanath and Deputy CM Dr. Dinesh Sharma.Earlier, PM Narendra Modi, who reached Aligarh to give a big gift, was welcomed by Deputy CM Dr. Dinesh Sharma along with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath at the airstrip.CM Yogi Adityanath, Deputy CM Dr. Dinesh Sharma, State in-charge Radha Mohan Singh along with BJP Uttar Pradesh President Swatantradev Singh were also present on the stage built at the venue.

Will get an idea of ​​the election environment

This program of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also give an idea of ​​​​the election environment of Uttar Pradesh.In the election colors, PM Modi can be seen only with development.He will address the public for the fifth time from the land of Aligarh.This is the first program of PM Narendra Modi in Jat dominated area.Earlier in Aligarh, PM Modi had come thrice to the exhibition ground.

University's new design ready, will be constructed in two years

A new design has been prepared for the building of the Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh State University of Aligarh.Now CM Yogi Adityanath also expressed satisfaction after seeing this.He did not like the design prepared earlier.He had given instructions to make it like a palace.The new design has been made by the Public Works Department from an agency in Noida.It was shown to the CM by the Additional Chief Secretary of the Higher Education Department, Monica S Garg, and other officials.The main gate of the university will be huge.There will be greenery on both sides of the road leading in.There will be carving on the main gate.This university was announced by CM Yogi Adityanath in 2017 before the by-election of Iglas assembly constituency.The university was named after King Mahendra Pratap, who had sacrificed his life for the country's independence, as there was no building and monument in his name.

State University : A Glance

  • A three-minute video film about the state university will be shown during the foundation stone laying ceremony.
  • Construction will be done in Moosepur village of Lodha block on 94 acres of land.
  • The state government has released a budget of -101 crores.
  • Its construction is to be completed by 2023.
  • -Around 400 colleges will be affiliated to this university.

Defense UP Corridor Aligarh Node

  • A video film on the progress and works of the Defense Corridor will also be shown.After this the Chief Minister will also address.
  • Corridor will be developed in Andla on Khair Road in 1000 acres.
  • Four years ago, the central government had announced to develop of corridors in six cities of the state including Aligarh.
  • 100 hectares of land have been acquired so far, UPEDA has got the responsibility to develop it.
  • There is a possibility of investment of six thousand crores here.In this, parts related to defense weapons will be prepared.

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Punjab Congress sent the name to the... | | The registrar sent a report on the purchase of land of Sitamarhi teacher accused of... | | Two terrorists including the kingpin of ISI module arrested, terrorists are connected to Pakistan... | | Video: Badrinath National Highway closed due to landslide, 200 vehicles stuck; life-threatening movement... | | Punjab New CM Name: Navjot Sidhu's name is also in discussion with Jakhar for Punjab... | | Gujarat: 11-year-old Flora Asodia became District Collector for one day, know the whole matter... | | Inspiration 4X crew returned, Elon Musk congratulated and SpaceX said- Welcome back!; watch video... | | Mumbai is number one in winning the title after losing the first match in IPL,... | | Initiative to open the way: Lakhs of people of Delhi-NCR disappointed with the announcement of... | | Babul Supriyo Join TMC: Why Babul Supriyo, who was against Trinamool Congress, joined Mamta?... | | After all, why are the governments not agreeing to bring petrol and diesel under GST?... | | Punjab CM may be announced late night or tomorrow, know why the decision on the... | | Dungarpur News: RAC jawan beaten with sticks and stones, died on the way to hospital... | | Himachal Pradesh's X CM was impressed after seeing Kangana Ranaut's 'Thalaivi', praised by sending an... | | Farmer leaders will not participate in the meeting with the government to open one lane... | | Cameras of two popular phones of OnePlus are about to change, big feature is coming... | | Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra said- 'Manoj Bajpayee is one of the big international stars today'... | | Ananya Pandey flaunts bold avatar in black bikini, shares glamorous style with Maldives... | | Chirag Paswan wrote a letter to CM Nitish, demanding recommendation for giving Bharat Ratna to... | | If BJP has to be removed from the country, Mamata Banerjee will have to be... | | In UP, the private sector will be able to build medical colleges by leasing district... | | Chhattisgarh News: Former CM Raman said - there is no chief minister in Chhattisgarh now,... | | Ravi Shastri decided to leave, BCCI contacted these two former veterans to become head coaches... | | Delhi Riots: Court reprimanded Delhi Police in the riot case, said- Police Commissioner did not... | | Kashmir: Cowardly terrorists targeted another policeman within six days, also killed a laborer from Bihar... | | Bihar made record on PM Modi's birthday, number one in Kovid vaccination... | | Ordering food online from food delivery app is now expensive, know - important decisions of... | | Parliamentary elections in Russia: President Putin is not deterring from rigging, fielded 3 candidates of... | | Decision on the approval of Covaxin next month, WHO expert panel will meet on 5... | | The deadline for linking Aadhaar with PAN card extended again, know which is the last... | | Terrorist organization IS is tricking gullible youth in India through internet: NIA ... | | Important news for lakhs of drivers of Faridabad, on seeing such vehicles, the police will... | | Skill development will be done with the mantra of earning money too, pilot project will... | | Coronavirus 3rd Wave: Experts alerted about the third wave of Corona, know what they said... | | Broken Vaccination Record: More than 2.25 crore vaccines were administered in a day in India,... | | Dia Mirza took her son Avyan home from NICU after four months, wrote a very... | | Kia Carnival MPV launched in India for Rs 24.95 lakh, know what's special... | | PM Modi Birthday: Unique greetings to PM Modi in Darbhanga, 71 cakes cut on 71... | | CA Inter Result 2021: The results of CA Inter examinations will be declared on this... | | Retreat Ceremany: Regular Retreat Ceremony will start again at Attari Wagah Border, know how many... | | Pensioner will get more time to give life certificate, can be deposited at these centers... | | Shiromani Akali Dal's march in protest against agriculture law ends, people of Delhi-NCR struggling with... | | Breaking: A massive fire broke out in the basement of CBI building, 8 fire tenders... | | SCO Summit: PM Modi said - bigotry is a big problem for the world, recent... | | Fastest one crore vaccine in one day in India, big birthday gift to PM Modi... | | 2 legends of Mumbai Indians can take over the command of Team India! Fast bowler... | | Water sports started in Govind Sagar lake, the minister himself did the trial... | | PM Modi Birthday: PM Modi's birthday today, BJP will speed up the vaccination campaign, many... | | Maharashtra: Massive fire in Mumbai's Mankhurd area, under-construction bridge collapses in Bandra Kurla; 14 workers... | | Heavy rain expected in UP and Uttarakhand, alert for eastern UP, temper will loosen from... | | Big disclosure: Jaan Mohammed went to Bahrain to kill gangster Ali Budesh at the behest... | | Delhi-Meerut Expressway: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari will inaugurate Delhi-Meerut Expressway next month, 40 minutes will... | | In Rudrapur, miscreants took out 70 thousand by cutting ATM, then escaped by setting fire... | | Sajd national president Zulfikar Ali alias Bhutto shot dead in Siwan, Bihar... | | Indian Railway News: At New Delhi railway station, passengers will get airport-like facility in just... | | All schools and colleges closed for two days due to heavy rains in UP, CM... | | Gujarat Cabinet: Know who got what responsibility in Gujarat cabinet... | | Arrested In Rajasthan: Arrested For Sending Army Camp Information And Pictures To Pakistan Handlers... | | The central government gave this answer regarding the plan to install a booster shot of... | | Indian Coast Guard ship intercepts Pakistani boat, 13 crew members are being questioned... | | ISI trained terrorists were about to blow up bridges and railway tracks to create havoc,... | | Lucknow Rains trended on social media, people are telling the situation by posting video-photos... | | Okaya Launches Electric Scooter Freedom, Will Get Mileage Up To 250 Km In Single Charge... | | Tiger Shroff's sister Krishna Shroff is irritated by Lime Light, says- 'Prefer to remain private'... | | Finding a T20 captain like Virat Kohli will not help, know his 5 big records... | | UP News: 25 PCS officers promoted to IAS, see full list... | | Rain wreaks havoc across the country, bad condition of UP-Delhi, no relief expected for the... | | China troubled by the preparations for India's Agni-5 missile test, started talking about peace... | | Virat Kohli quits: 5 reasons why Virat Kohli was forced to leave T20 captaincy... | | PM Modi Birthday: These states including UP, Bihar set this target to make PM Modi's... | | Dengue Fever: Has dengue become as serious as corona in UP-Bihar, these experts said on... | | IGNOU July Admission 2021: IGNOU again extended the last date for admission in July session,... | | IPL 2021: Rohit Sharma should score runs as batsman-captain: Saba Karim... | | CA Exam 2021: Register from today for the December exams of CA Foundation, Inter and... | | Sapna Choudhary's reaction on the false news of death came in front, said- many times... | | Punjab Congress Tussle: Revolt against CM Captain Amarinder in Punjab Congress, 40 MLAs write letter... | | Earthquake In China: Strong tremors of earthquake in China, 2 died, 3 injured; 6 been... | | Taliban wreaks havoc on media personnel in Afghanistan, killing many journalists... new decree for women... | | English medium, urban and CBSE students dominate NEET, Tamil Nadu panel reports... | | UPCET Counseling 2021 Postponed: UPCET Counseling 2021 postponed, new date soon... | | Rajasthan is number one in the country in Rape Cases, on an average 15 cases... | | Director Atlee Kumar is teaming up with Shah Rukh Khan's Nayantara, the title will be... | | The teachers of Balkrishna School are getting the students who are suffering from financial constraints... | | ISI Terror Module: ATS also caught three other terrorists from UP, keeping an eye on... | | Political parties, who are vocal on the issue of stubble, keep silence, Delhi may be... | | Video: CDS General Bipin Rawat said - the situation may worsen in Afghanistan, only time... | | PM Modi, Mamta and Poonawalla among 100 influential people of Time Magazine... | | Punjabi Tadka Maggi: Love to eat new varieties of Maggi, try Punjabi Tadka Maggi... | | Action under 107 against 4 thousand 419 in Katihar, CCA imposed on 150... | | Taliban without money, China told America - return their funds... | | Indian Railways: Passengers will get more seats in the trains of Madhya Pradesh, UP and... | | Railway Employee get Promotion: Cabin and shunt master will soon get promotion in railways, railway... | | Government kind on auto and drone sector, cabinet approves relief package... | | New ministers of Gujarat cabinet will take oath tomorrow, list of these ministers is going... | | JEE Main Result 2021: Story of All India toppers, these strategies brought success... | | UP ANM Recruitment 2021: Bumper recruitment of ANM in UP, apply from today... | | UP Panchayat Sahayak Recruitment 2021: If there is a complaint from the merit list of... | | Tax Alert: Today is the last day to deposit the second installment of advance tax,... | | Cabinet Meeting: Cabinet approval for Auto PLI scheme, special emphasis on electric vehicle... | | West Bengal: Restrictions related to Kovid-19 will remain in force till September 30, government issued... | | The sting of CM Yogi Adityanath's Kovid management is also playing abroad, now the Australian... | | JEE Mains Result 2021: Zee Mains result declared, 44 candidates secured 100 percentile, 18 got... | | The country is in the grip of dengue and viral fever, Uttar Pradesh has the... | | Now medical studies will be done in Hindi also in Madhya Pradesh, a committee will... | | Blast at BJP District President's house in Uttarakhand, entire area shaken, gates, doors and windows... | | Big relief for the people of Punjab, punbus and roadways employees strike ends, all buses... | | When Ajinkya Rahane should be dropped from the Indian team, Virender Sehwag fixed the time... | | Big news coming from farmers' movement, ready to leave Delhi-Sonepat-Panipat highway, kept this condition... | | The central government is now planning to give 4000 rupees every month to the children... | | Terror module busted in Delhi, blasts were planned in UP, Delhi, Maharashtra and other states... | | Good sign for Indian Economy! Exports grew 46% to $33.28 billion in August 2021... | | MoU signed to strengthen cultural ties between Indo-Russia... | | AIBE XVI Registration 2021: Tomorrow is the last day of registration for All India Bar... | | Terrorists Arrested: ISI was behind Terror Module, UP Assembly elections were also on target... | | The players' gathering will be decorated and there will be noise on every goal! Simdega... | | After a long time, such an avatar of Ali Asghar was seen, 'Grandmother' became popular... | | Police strictness on Nainital Mallroad jam: If these rules of driving and parking are not... | | Hurricane Nicholas threatens heavy rain and flooding in America, emergency declared in Louisiana... | | Grenade Attack In Pulwama: Grenade Attack On Police-CRPF Patrol In Pulwama, 3 Civilians Injured... | | PM Narendra Modi in Aligarh- PM Modi said – A great example of double profit... | | Desi Star Samar Singh's Bhojpuri Song 'Hum Nag Tu Nagina' released, video being watched again... | | Bigg Boss 15: Makers approach 'Uttaran' fame Tina Dutta, Manav Gohil can also take part... | | PayNow payment system linked to UPI, now easy to transfer money from Singapore... | | Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale Announced! Goods like phones, TVs and fridges will be available... | | Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik met Sidharth Shukla's mother and Shehnaaz, told the condition... | | JEE Advanced Registration 2021: Registration for JEE Advanced exam postponed, IIT Kharagpur released this update... | | If you want 50 thousand rupees and 10 percent discount on water bill in Delhi,... | | PM Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone of the State University in Aligarh today... | | This special scheme of SBI is ending from today, last chance to invest, check details... | | BREAKING NEWS: Fierce fire in Himachal, 4 people including 3 children of same family burnt... | | Dantail elephant wreaks havoc in Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh, killed 2 people in 2 hours, panic in... | | Big news for those taking Covishield and Covaxin, antibodies start decreasing after 2 months -... | | RBI has issued very important information for the customers of all banks, check checks quickly... | | Only unmarried or widowed daughter will be considered dependent for compassionate appointment: Supreme Court... | | Dhurandhar, who made a record of centuries for Zimbabwe, retired, scored so many runs in... | | Green card will be available in America by paying extra fee, thousands of Indian professionals... | | Bhupendra Patel: Bhupendra Patel took oath with Shrimad Bhagvad Gita in hand, all eyes on... | | Indian Railways has stopped the facility of lower berth for senior citizens in the train,... | | Law and order in the dock in Jharkhand! After the murder of the judge, now... | | Delhi Buildings Collapse: Two children and an elderly died after being buried under rubble, Delhi... | | After nine years of triple talaq, former AIMIM leader reached ex-wife's house to perform Halala... | | Audio clip of Talibani leader Baradar released, said- I am completely safe, rumor of death... | | Covid-19 Vaccination in India: 75 crore vaccination mark crossed in 75th year of independence, WHO... | | Know why tea should not be heated again and again and drink? what is the... | | WHO may approve Bharat Biotech's covaccine this week: Sources... | | Beware! Somewhere you too do not become a victim of fraud in the circle of... | | Police Recruitment Exam: Railway runs exam special superfast train between Kota-Bharatpur, know timing... | | Apple iPhone 12 became much cheaper before the launch of iPhone 13! Know here Dhansu... | | Ponniyin Selvan: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan shot 1 song with 400 artists, the budget of the... | | Four-storey building collapses in Delhi's Sabzi Mandi area, fear of casualties... | | Agra News: Found a live hand grenade in the forest, there was a stir, the... |